NC Bar Owners Association

RELEASE DATE: 01/21/2021


The North Carolina Bar Owners Association (NCBOA) was made aware on January 14th approximately 120 Private Bar permits from across the State of North Carolina had been canceled without notice on January 4th 2021.

Due to the closure of private bars since March 16 2020, private bars were given a permit fee deferment option by the NC legislature and the ABC commission; to defer permit fees until 90 days after private bars were allowed to re-open.

On October 2nd 2020, Governor Roy Cooper allowed private bars to operate at 30% of outdoor occupancy only.  This was not inclusive of ALL private bars.  The vast majority were still not allowed to open due to these restrictions and lack of outdoor space.

It appears the ABC commission determined this 90 days deferment period began with the October 2nd order, regardless of the bars ability to operate or not.

The North Carolina Bar Owners Association immediately confronted the issue.  NCBOA Vice-President Jay Ruth spoke with the NCABC Commission and the ABC Commission has now updated the erroneously canceled permits from a “canceled” status to “inactive COVID-19” status on the NCABC website.

NCABC Commission Chairman Zander Guy pledged in a letter sent directly to NCBOA on January 15th in response to the cancellations to work with the bars and “does not intend to add any obstacles at the time you and fellow bar owners are ready to re-open for business with active ABC permits.” 

The North Carolina Bar Owners Association is working with the NC Legislature to ensure this issue is properly corrected and permit holders will be able to seamlessly reinstate their permits penalty free and without difficulty.

The North Carolina Bar Owners Association was formed in October by bar owners from across the state and is not affiliated with any other previously formed organization.  The attention to this issue and timely response is a direct result of the work from NCBOA’s Board of Directors and members.