NC Bar Owners Association

RELEASE DATE: 01/04/2021


(WINSTON SALEM, NC, JAN 14, 2021) – The North Carolina Bar Owners Association has been made aware that approximately 120 Private Bar permits from across the State of North Carolina have been canceled without notice as of Jan 4, 2021.

Due to the closure of private bars since March 16, 2020, private bars were given a permit fee deferment option by the NC legislature and the ABC commission; to defer permit fees until 60 days after private bars were allowed to re-open.

On October 2, 2020, Governor Roy Cooper allowed private bars to operate at 30% of outdoor occupancy only. This was not inclusive of ALL private bars. The vast majority were still not allowed to open due to these restrictions and lack of outdoor space.

It appears the ABC commission has determined this 60-day deferment period began with the October 2nd order, regardless of the bar’s ability to operate or not.No notice was provided to these private bar owners that their permits were in jeopardy of being canceled for failure to pay. At this time, we have heard from owners across the state who have been visited by local and state law enforcement with orders to close their bars immediately or face penalties and charges.

Yet another detrimental action aimed at private bars in the state, which have taken the greatest burden of the pandemic and economic restrictions.

We call for immediate action from Governor Roy Cooper, NC legislation and the NC ABC Commission to take whatever action necessary to reinstate these bars’ permits and save thousands of jobs and livelihoods that have been, and continue to be, destroyed by these restrictions and discriminatory treatment from the other 6000 plus alcohol permitted establishments in the state.

Download the current list with bar permits currently canceled that we have found so far.