What we are fighting for!

North Carolina Bar Owners Association (NCBOA), a non-profit 501c6 organization founded by bar owners from across the state. We are a bipartisan group of bar owners working together towards a common goal. Most importantly, equal treatment to other ABC permit holders throughout the State of North Carolina.

The future of our industry is at stake. We have never had a lobbying presence in Raleigh and it shows. Bars in the state of NC have been left out and left behind. NCBOA is founded by bar owners, for bar owners, managed by bar owners, here to protect bar owners and our lives’ work, and most importantly, the future of the bar industry in our state.

Now more than ever it is CRITICAL that we have a strong presence in the NCGA and people fighting for us on all fronts to ensure our collaborative voices are heard and that our industry survives. NCBOA aims to serve as a resource and voice for bar owners across the state. We will work closely with state and local officials to build better relationships, advocate for changes within the NCABC system, and educate the public on who we are and what we really do.

Bars are integral parts of our communities. We provide jobs, pay taxes, host fundraisers, promote inclusion and diversity, provide a sense of friendship and fellowship, and most of all specialize in the HUMAN experience.

Our agenda is clear and our leadership transparent. Keeping ALL members up to date and informed at every turn is our promise. Ensuring the future and equal treatment of bars in NC is our goal. In addition to our legislative agenda, we plan to further expand our organization to include subgroups based on geographic regions or commonalities.

Membership is open to bar owners, bar managers, bartenders, and bar staff. Membership dues support fees to keep our lobbyists active in the NCGA and our platform at the forefront of any discussion that impacts our industry.

We are currently working on an ambitious legislative agenda that will help our immediate needs for financial relief and fairness and are working toward long-term goals to help our industry post-pandemic. Our initial group of eight were able to pool our money together to fund the legal proceedings but we are asking for community support to raise money for our lobbying efforts.

Modernizing ABC

North Carolina has state-specific issues due to outdated alcohol laws, systems, and regulations. These statutes and regulations have hindered us for years, and it’s time to change. NCBOA will continue to push for privatization, ending the membership requirement for bars, and endorsing happy hour.

Supply Chain

Many of us have experienced and continue to experience major disruptions to our day-to-day operations due to the state’s warehousing, transportation, and supply issues. NCBOA demands immediate change to the distribution of alcohol across the state and accountability for blunders in the current system.

Lobbying Presence

For the first time, bar owners now have a voice that is uniquely our own, partnering with Logan Martin of Skyline Strategies. Focusing on issues that impact private bars specifically. It has never been more important to keep our presence at the forefront of any issue concerning alcohol in the state.

Changes to Local ABC Boards

NCBOA encourages members to become active in their local ABC Boards. Often, ABC Boards are out of touch with product demands and systems that help us run our businesses efficiently.  Ask to be appointed to your local board, communicate with officials, and attend public meetings when possible.  

Representation on A State Level

NCBOA has contracted a lobbyist to serve as our voice in the NCGA.  For the first time, Private Bar owners in NC have their own representation exclusive to our industry and the issues that affect us.  Bars are integral parts of our communities. We provide jobs, pay taxes, host fundraisers, promote inclusion and diversity, provide a sense of friendship and fellowship, and most of all specialize in the HUMAN experience. We deserve a seat at the table on a legislative level.

Permit Fee Relief for 2021

((Through our lobbying efforts, this bill has passed.)) Fees for Private Bar permits are upwards of $1000 to sell beer, wine, and spirituous liquor.  Private Bars across the state paid their permit renewal fees in early 2020 only to be closed in March.  Permit renewals for 2021 are coming up due in April and the vast majority of Private Bars are still closed and cannot operate under the current restrictions. Private Bar owners will push for permit relief for the upcoming year.