Cheers to Change


Bars all over the state will be participating in unique fundraisers the weekend of May 6th, 7th, and 8th with all proceeds donated to NCBOA’s general fund to continue the mission of educating the general public about and advocating for positive changes to the outdated NC ABC system.

Participating Locations

Who are NCBOA and the Pour Horsemen?

Formed in 2020 during the COVID shutdowns, Private bars were kept closed while other NC ABC mixed beverage permittees (restaurants, country clubs, breweries, etc.) were allowed to open. A group of 8 independent bar owners (known as The Pour Horsemen) from all over the state got together, brought legal action against the governor of NC and formed a 501(c6) to promote the general welfare of the bar industry in NC and to push for the outdated, inefficient, and restrictive NC ABC system to be restructured.

NCBOA was instrumental in pushing legislation that provided for permit fee relief and succeeded in reinstating hundreds of cancelled bar permits. NCBOA is the first group of its kind to hire a lobbyist to fight for us in the NCGA.

For the first time, Bar owners have their own voice and representation in the NCGA to fight for the industry and ensure they have a seat at the table in the decision making process moving forward.

NCBOA is now actively pushing for changes within the NC ABC system and to remove restrictive and outdated policies that keep products out of the hands of the retailers and consumers. Alcohol sales in the state of NC affect every person and community by way of local tax dollars and economic growth.

NCBOA needs YOU, the public and our faithful patrons, to join us and raise a glass to let the NCGA know WE DEMAND CHANGE and an ABC system that works for everyone!