Support the NC Bar Owners PAC


The purpose of the NC Bar Owners PAC is to build a coalition of small business owners and promote the general welfare of the industry. Together, the NC Bar Owners PAC intends to support like-minded candidates that are pro-business and supportive of repealing restrictive and outdated ABC policies. The NCBOA PAC is an independent organization formed by people in the hospitality industry.

The NC Bar Owners PAC strives to endorse and support candidates that will work towards the modernization of ABC policies that impact our industry. By supporting these candidates and establishing a relationship of open communication we can address the issues that most concern small independent ABC permittees in the state of North Carolina.


NC Bar Owners PAC Donation Levels

  • Friend $200
  • Supporter $500
  • Advocate $1000
  • Activist $2500
  • Champion $4000
  • Executive $5000

*All donations to NC Bar Owners PAC must be from individuals.

Any donation amount up to $5,000 is welcome from individuals and may also be mailed by check to:

NC Bar Owners PAC
PO Box 91682
Raleigh, NC 27675

Please include your name, address and occupation with all donations.