Greensboro Nightlife Safety Ordinance

Greensboro Nightlife Safety Ordinance

North Carolina Bar Owners Association (NCBOA), a non-profit 501c6 organization founded by bar owners from across the state. We are a bipartisan group of bar owners working together towards a common goal. We have been approached by the City of Greensboro to help craft a new security ordinance. This is not the first time the city has looked at a security ordinance, however, this is the first time they have asked for help from bar owners. We are working to gather input from all stakeholders and have planned 2 meetings. Below, you will find links to both public zoom meetings and an outline of proposed ideas for the ordinance.

  • Thursday, April 15 @ 2pm

Open format meeting to gather ideas and suggestions from nightlife establishments open after 9pm.

Meeting with the mayor, police chief, DGI, and city staff to overview the proposed plan.

City Run Stakeholder Meetings

NCBOA has come up with 6 proposed key concepts for owners to think about before being proposed to the city. Our number one goal is to ensure the city has no cookie-cutter ordinance, as no situation is created equal. Followed up with the creation of a permitting process for promoters. We are looking for stakeholder’s thoughts and suggestions as everything is currently on the table for discussion.

Reference documents on cities ordinance if unchanged. Overview Memo | Attachment Four | Attachment Three | Attachment Two | Attachment One

View complete NCBOA proposed security plan – updated 4/20/21

Promoter Permits

The data shows violent incidents around the city have happened at ABC licensed establishments, especially where promoters are involved. This is not exclusive to bars. We propose promoters be required to obtain a permit with the city that shows proof of insurance, completed a background check with fingerprints, and contract with a third-party security company that is licensed and bonded. Licensees should work with promoters who have proven records of responsible performance. We propose the city track problematic promoters and revoke their permits if a track record of violent incents is found.

Incident Review

Licensees should not be apprehensive about calling GPD in the event of an impaired / unruly patron, or incident for fear of disciplinary action by the City. While the overwhelming majority of licensees understand the responsibilities that come with holding a license and work hard to educate their staff and to improve their business practices, ABC / ALE and the City have systems in place to revoke permits and/or issue fines. The North Carolina Bar Owners Association and their local chapter would like to be a partner with the City in reviewing alcohol and promoter-related incidents.

Security Plan

In order to obtain ABC permits, applicants submit floor plans to the ABC Commission for approval. Once permitted, establishments undergo regular fire inspections to ensure well-lit and marked exits, paths of egress are clear of obstruction, working fire extinguishers, and occupancy compliance. ABC inspections occur regularly checking for compliance with membership, tax stamps, ID Checks, underage drinking, and overall safe nightly operations. Responsible bar owners should have adequate staffing for the safe operation of their establishment.

City Security

Bar owners shouldn’t be responsible for policing patrons in public streets or parking lots. But the increased traffic in entertainment corridors puts stress on current law enforcement resources. We propose the city contracting with a third-party security company to patrol entertainment corridors and de-escalate situations without the need for law enforcement. Bar owners want and need the outside of their business to feel safe just as much as the city does. Incidents either inside, outside, or in the surrounding area are bad for business.

Law Enforcement

We need to ensure incident response is consistent and fair. Responsible business owners will provide law enforcement with information in a timely manner and cooperate with their investigation fully. By requiring promoter permits, law enforcement and the city will now have a proactive measure to increase saftey and penalize bad actors. The city should ensure officers are visible in entertainment corridors during peak hours and in close proximity to large events. Open channels of communication between business owners, the city, and law enforcement by way of monthly board meetings should be established.

Responsible Service

The NC ABC commission provides a free comprehensive Responsible Alcohol Seller/Server Program online and in-person available to all permittees and their staff. The program is designed to educate staff on: the prevention of sales to underage persons and intoxicated persons, acceptable forms of identification, how to spot fake/altered IDs, dram shop laws, happy hour laws, hours of sale, how to protect your business, protect the public, and protect yourself. We recommend this program to all permittees as well as event promoters doing business in the City of Greensboro.