Danielle was raised on a working farm in Guilford County. She spent the first act of her career working as a litigation paralegal for 13 years. In addition to the corporate world, she worked as a bartender and attended college at night, graduating from Guilford College with a Bachelors’s in Business Management.

Founded Bull’s Tavern in Downtown Winston Salem, NC in 2012. Bull’s is a “music bar,” a hybrid between a music venue and a neighborhood bar. Over the past eight years, Bull’s has produced over 2,000 shows. After the pandemic hit, she co-founded The Virtual Village to bring the joy of music to neighborhoods on a mobile trailer while raising money for displaced service industry workers.

Proud Dog Mom of a Border Collie named Suzy. Suzy was a foster fail, Danielle is often seen walking around downtown with various foster dogs wearing “adopt me” bandanas. As an avid music lover, she attends music festivals, large or small, in her spare time. She loves coffee and a good whiskey with one rock.